Saturday, May 22, 2010

Super Record Friday

I've landed so much great vinyl lately, it's been hard to keep up. maybe one day i'll post some great pictures, but i figured i'd start getting caught up with showing yesterday's haul. Charlie and I made plans to drive over to Park Ave CDs in Orlando and each ended up with some good finds. I landed the following:

Pelican's newest album "What We All Came To Need". If you haven't heard it yet, check it out. Its the continuation of Pelican's near domination of riff driven post-metal. The vinyl press is gorgeous. It comes in thick glossy card stock with all the wording outside and inside the gatefold cover pressed in silver. The album comes pressed by Southern Lord on two clear red 180 gram LPs. It looks great all together and of course, sounds incredible. Vinyl pressings feature 3 songs not on the CD version, and this album is only pressed for 1,000 copies, all with the red LPs, with Pelican saying it will never see a repress after that. Get it while you can!

I also picked up a vinyl copy of JayLib's Champion Sound. Those not in the know need to check this album out. It's a career highlight for both contributors, MadLib and J Dilla. Both are phenomenal hip hop producers and both co produced and MC'd the tracks on this album. I've meant to pick up a copy of this for a while and i'm glad i finally grabbed one. Stones Throw pressed it on two black LPs. After listening i found it featured a vinyl album alternate mix of a great track "The Red". RIP J Dilla, you're still one of the greatest and still missed.

I mail ordered some great Blood Brothers albums on sweet vinyl colors the other day and when they arrive i'll be sure to put them up on here, but i didn't grab a copy of their last album before breaking up, "Young Machetes". Park Ave had a copy of one of the second presses on orange and black splatter double vinyl. Only 354 were ever pressed by Second Nature, so it's a cool find. A great album from a great loud and noisy band. Not their best, but still totally worth having. Comes in a beautifully constructed gatefold cover with themed artwork and a booklet of pictures of the band in makeup that matches the album artwork design. Excellent package all together.

Finally, i got a hidden gem while digging in the dollar bins. I managed to find a copy of Stetsasonic's first album, "On Fire". Stetsasonic was a groundbreaking 80's Hip Hop group that was the first to use live instruments. They were literally a Hip Hop band before The Roots could think of the idea. The group features the legendary Prince Paul on Turntables, who later went on to a solid solo career and produced incredible Hip Hop acts like De La Soul and 3rd Bass. Stetsasonic released three albums before separating, but "On Fire" has always been my favorite for it's original old school flavor. The copy i landed has a few light scratches and the sleeve's spine is a little crushed but it still plays well and was an incredible find for a dollar.

more to come soon.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Unloved and Weeded Out 4 x 7" edition

Hello all, sorry it's been a while.
One of my long time best friends and fellow record collector Charlie Whited suggested that I devote some space on this blog to nice additions to my record collection. As I'm always looking for good vinyls and constantly growing my swelling collection, I thought this would be a fun contribution to this blog. I'll probably start showing off parts of my collection, rarities, imports, and so on. Even if you're not into record collecting, I hope you'll still enjoy hearing what particular records mean to me, or the process in which some music you hopefully like as well was originally printed.

A good one to start off this aspect of the blog with would be the record I received just today in the mail. It's no secret that my all time favorite band is Converge. The technicality, passion, and devotion this band possesses is often copied, but never matched. Around the time of Converge's second album, "Petitioning The Empty Sky", they put out an EP on 7" record called "Unloved and Weeded Out" which featured three songs, "Home Song", "For You", and "Jacob's Ladder". These songs are featured in live versions at the end of the original release of the "Petitioning The Empty Sky" album. In 2003, Converge decided to take that 7" and add some B-sides, unreleased tracks, demo versions, and live material, creating an album of the same name, "Unloved and Weeded Out". It was released on both CD and vinyl, but the vinyl was released in two formats. In Europe it was released as one 12" record. in the states, it was released in an unusual format. The album was spread out on 4 7" records. I'm not sure what made them print the album this way, perhaps because the original "Unloved and Weeded Out" was on 7". The first print of this unique album had each of the four records in a different color (red, clear, yellow, and green) while the second printing had all discs in white. I managed to land a first press in mint condition, with the clear red, clear, clear yellow and clear green discs, not too simple a feat as it's out of print and not always easy to find a copy of. It features a 7" size gatefold cover including lyrics on the inside and the 4 discs. Here now are images of this incredible collection:

look at how fucking cool that is! I'm way excited, it's definitely a nice addition to the collection. I'll have more soon, thanks for reading for now!